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2019-08-23 17:45

1 OCUFA Analysis of the Drummond Report: Long on cuts, short on insight Introduction: Whats old is new again Dark economic times have come to the province. The Premier, under pressure from businessDRUMMOND RECOMMENDS A MAJOR OVERHAUL OF ONTARIO PUBLIC SERVICES THROUGH AN ECONOMISTS LENS February 16, 2012 Derek Burleton, VP& Deputy Chief Economist, The Commission reports point of departure is an drummond report pdf

The Report of the Commission on the Reform of Ontarios Public Services (The Drummond Report) was released on February 16, 2012. This document sets the stage for a focused debate within the province on the future of public services. The provincial governments response to the

The Drummond report contains several seemingly unpalatable cuts such as cancelling fullday kindergarten (except at the few schools that already have it). These objectionable proposals could serve to allow the McGuinty government to make other deep cuts that seem less painful. The Drummond report acknowledges the importance of the nonprofit sector and social programs for societys most vulnerable and makes specific recommendations that present positive opportunities for the sector. 2. Along with health and education, social programs are drummond report pdf The Drummond Report and Pension Plans I n early February, the Ontario government received a report from the Commission on the the Drummond report continued from previous page One of the areas singled out by the report for cost containment was pension benefits.

ISBN (PDF) Ce document est disponible en franais sous le titre: Commission de rforme des services publics de lOntario. to present the ideas contained in this report. I especially appreciate the extraordinarily wide mandate you gave the Commission, which drummond report pdf Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services; MAIN HEADING: Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services PUBLIC SERVICES FOR ONTARIANS: A PATH TO SUSTAINABILITY AND EXCELLENCE Table of Contents DOWNLOAD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PDF (3. 28 MB) DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT PDF (5. 63 MB) Learn More. Sustainability Report 2016 REPORT PROFILE Through this executive summary of our sustainability report, Drummond Ltd. discloses the Companys performance to all of its stakeholders, dividing

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