Faxcomexlib send pdf

2019-08-22 09:12

i am wroking with a c# . net application and i need to send fax ( pdf file )thru application. for that i used faxcomlib. dll and its working fine, if i send. txt or. doc or. tiff. I am quite new to C# and I think this is a really easy fixI just can't find it.Jan 03, 2017  hi. i am programming sending fax using FAXCOMEXLib. when run it using visual studio, sending fax work correctly. but when i publish source and want send faxcomexlib send pdf

FAXCOMEXLib Faxing PDF Generates Timeout Message (. NET) Problem and Solution Problem This page discusses a scenario in which FAXCOMEXLib is used to

The previously posted answers had some of the solution, but they did not give a complete picture of everything we had to do to successfully send a pdf file through a fax line, using FAXCOMEXLib in our custom Windows service. I've developed a ASP. NET web services to accept a document and other relevant information so I could use the FAXCOMEXLIB. dll to send fax. When I print a document to the fax, through the fax share, it works (for example printing a. pdf file), but programatically, it fails. Is it faxcomexlib send pdf Mar 18, 2010 using FAXCOMEXLib; Select all Open in new window This seems to work perfectlyit queues up the items into the Windows Fax Viewer, which then takes care of all the rest of the stuff.

Faxing a pdf document My Dot net(C# ) based application sends fax messages. I am using FAXCOMLIB. DLL version. 0 (Microsoft's dll used for faxing) and runtime versionv for sending the fax message. faxcomexlib send pdf Good Day: I am trying to send a fax by code with no success. I am using an XP OS, VS. NET 2005, VB. NET, FAXCOMEXLib component, and the remote fax server that comes with Windows 2003. I have an application that uses FAXCOMEXLib to send faxes to Windows Fax services. These faxes are all PDF documents. After upgrading from Adobe Reader 7 to X the first fax in the Windows Fax services queue gets sent, but the second hangs up and the Adobe reader Faxing With FaxComExLib, What Is Dec 5, 2005. I am successfully sending faxes from a windows XP client through the fax service on a windows 2003 server. Faxing PDF from web page generates timeout message (. NET) When creating a Web page allowing users to send faxes and generate text documents or PDFs, sending a PDF does not work and slows down the server, generating a timeout message for the client.

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