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Vera E (1998) The Cost of homebased care for HIVAIDS patients in Zimbabwe, AIDS Care; 10(6): ; and Harnmeijer, J (1997) The Economic Impact of HIVAIDS on Households in Zimbabwe, Waterford Kamhlala, United World College of Africa. 3 Ncube, J (1997) Death as a profitable business venture, AIDS Analysis Africa.In part this is a response to the dramatic impact of HIVAIDS on education themselves, an impact that affects education supply, demand, and quality, which for many countries poses a major threat to the achievement of Education for All and of the Millennium hiv and aids in zimbabwe pdf

4 THE HIV and AIDS EPIDEMIC IN ZIMBABWE Background What are HIV and AIDS? A virus is a tiny, invisible particle that works by attaching itself to a host cell. Viruses are the cause of a number of diseases, including influenza and the common cold. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS.

Information on HIV prevalence among antenatal clinic (ANC) attendees is available from Zimbabwe since 1989. In the major urban areas, Harare, Bulawayo, and Chitungwiza, HIV prevalence among antenatal clinic attendees tested increased from 10 percent in 1989 to 30 percent in 1995. The HIVAIDS prevalence rate in Zimbabwe is among the highest in Africa, wherefore higher number of orphans and vulnerable children. These children face enormous problems ranging from economic hiv and aids in zimbabwe pdf v Republic of Zimbabwe National Guidelines for TBHIV CoManagement Background Tuberculosis is the primary cause of mortality in people living with HIVAIDS (PLHIV) worldwide, with 79 of the estimated 1. 37 million new cases of TBHIV in 2007 occurring in subSaharan Africa (WHO 2009).

Zimbabwe's National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan saw the country adopt a Combination Prevention Strategy approach, which focuses on a number of areas to prevent new infections. This approach remains in place and includes prevention of mothertochild transmission, voluntary medical male circumcision, behaviour change communication, condom programming and STI management. hiv and aids in zimbabwe pdf As part of the nations attempts to raise funds for the control and management of HIVAIDS the Government of Zimbabwe introduced the National AIDS Trust Fund (also called AIDS Levy) which entails collection of 3 of all taxable individuals and corporates incomes to fund HIVAIDS programmes.

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