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2019-08-20 00:39

IEEE 802. 11 Wireless LANs References Standards Basics Physical Layer 802. 11b 802. 11a MAC Framing Details Management PCF QoS (802. 11e) Security Take Away Points802. 11 Wireless Standards IEEE Standard 802. 11a 802. 11b 802. 11g 802. 11n 802. 11ac Year Adopted 1999 2003 2009 2014 Frequency 5 GHz2. 4 GHz 2. 45 GHz Max. Data Rate 54 Mbps11 Mbps 600 Mbps 1 Gbps Typical Range Indoors 100 ft. 100 ft. 125 ft. 225 ft. 90 ft. Typical Range Outdoors 400 ft. 450 ft. 450 ft. 825 ft. 1, 000 ft. wireless standards pdf

Introduction Wireless LANs are most important access networks technologies in the Internet Most popular is the IEEE 802. 11 wireless LAN, known also as WiFi There are several standards for wireless LAN technology

The wireless standards that we will investigate in this paper is only a selection from all the standards available. These explanations are not meant to be exhaustive. 2. 1 IEEE 802. 11 WLANWiFi Wireless LAN (WLAN, also known as WiFi) is a set of low tier, terrestrial, net Helping Define IEEE 802. 11 and other Wireless LAN Standards IEEE 802. 11 wireless local area networks Intel is a longtime contributor to the IEEE 802. 11 standard, a group of specifications developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for wireless local area networks (WLANs). wireless standards pdf air interface between a wireless client and a base station access point or between two or more wireless clients. There are many other standards defined by the IEEE, such as the 802. 3 Ethernet standard.

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