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2019-08-25 09:05

Constitution of Nepal 2015 (Nepali Name: ) is the present governing Constitution of Nepal. Nepal is governed according to the Constitution which came into effect on Sept 20, 2015, replacing the Interim Constitution of 2007. The constitution of Nepal is divided into 35 parts, 308 Articles and 9 Schedules.(2009 2018) Easy Nepali Typing Type in Nepali English to Nepali Translation. All Right Reserved. nepal constitution pdf english

2006 according to the Constitution of Nepal (2015) that an entirely new Act be drafted. The suggested the Nepal Citizenship Act, 2006 Citizenship of Nepal. Citizenship. The. Rights, pdf

Constitution of Nepal 2072 in pdf download from here. You can read full Nepal constitution 2072 online as well. New constitution in Nepal is raising a new hope among people for the development of country. If you want to read in English, you can use Google translate to translate it. To download Constitution of Nepal 2015 English version, you can open the pdf file and then you can right click on the page so as to show Save as option. Give the proper destination and then left click the file and then the file is downloaded on your desktop. nepal constitution pdf english The Constitution of Nepal Date of Publication in Nepal Gazette 20 September 2015 ( ) Preamble: We, the Sovereign People of Nepal, Constitution is the fundamental law of Nepal. Any law inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.

PDF generated: 17 Jan 2018, 19: 35 Unofficial translation by Nepal Law Society, International IDEA, and UNDP. This complete constitution has been generated from excerpts of texts from the repository of the nepal constitution pdf english Constitution of Nepal 2015 (official English translation by the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs of Nepal) Download PDF (4. 28 MB) Language. English. Document type. Constitution. Author type. Government Body. RegionCountry. Draft of the Constitution of Nepal, Unofficial English Translation by International IDEA 2 united by a bond of allegiance to national independence, integrity, national interest and prosperity Download New Constitution of Nepal 2015 or New Constitution of Nepal 2072 on Online Constitution is a set of basic laws or principles for a country. It provides certain right! and duties to its citizens and outlines the way in which the country is governed. 4. State of Nepal: (1) Nepal is an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive, democratic, socialismoriented, federal democratic republican state. Explanation: For the purposes of this Article, secular means religious, cultural freedoms, including protection of religion, culture handed down from the time immemorial.

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