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2019-08-21 11:25

This paper focus to probe the of rural tourism in India, how rural tourism can help rural society. It can have both positive and negative impacts on rural as well as urban communities. rural tourism means Any form of tourism that showcases thetourism prospects of the state between urban and rural India is thinning among the top segment of rural India. The rural rich are almost like urban India. Rural India is like a pyramid. The rich farmers and businessmen occupy the top of the pyramid. They may rural tourism india pdf

Rural Ecoholidays: 15 rural tourism sites have been selected as rural ecoholidays sites for Visit India Year 2009. Under this marketing campaign of Visit India Year 2009 foreign tourists are offered one night stay with breakfast on complimentary basis in any one of the chosen rural ecoholiday site.

Ministry of Tourism and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in India have been involved in an initiative on Rural Tourism. Covering 36 sites spread geographically over the country, Developing Rural Tourism Promoting Rural Tourism for Sustainable Development and Livelihood Generation This brief sheds light upon the various aspects related to rural tourism and the great potential that India keeps for emerging as a rural tourism icon. rural tourism india pdf In India, Rural Tourism is still an emerging concept and the sector is quite open and untouched for marketing.

Rural tourism is an opportunity for rural development. Rural tourism is one of the opportunities that rural communities might consider to improve productivity and incomes. Sustainable rural tourism can generate long term benefits for villagers. II. OBJECTIVES To understand the potentialities of rural tourism india pdf

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