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2019-09-21 06:29

Presentations text content in 2015 Peter Jackson VFL fixture PDF document DocSlides. Next Slides. 2015 fixture list (by r. Gents fixture list 2015. The lotteryshirley jackson the lottery by shirley jackson t. Jackson purchase the jackson purchase is located in western.port melbourne vs north melbourne (fs) 2. 00pm frankston vs geelong (fo) 2. 00pm fixture subject to change. CHECK VFL. COM. AU RICHMOND vs SANDRINGHAM (HP) 2. 10PM COLLINGWOOD vs WERRIBEE (OPO) 5. 30PM FIXTURE SECTION FOR LATEST UPDATES. vfl fixture 2014 pdf

The 2014 season will start with a split first round on March 29, with the Peter Jackson VFL Legendairy Finals Series to begin on August 30. Each VFL club will have two byes, with the byes this year aligned where applicable to the bye of their AFL club.

werribee vs casey (hopp) 2. 00pm fixture subject to change. check vfl. com. au williamstown vs coburg (bo) 2. 00pm. round 12: fixture section for latest updates. saturday, jul 8 round 5 richmond vs casey (hp) 1. 00pm 2017 peter jackson vfl finals series friday, may 12 september 2 2017 peter jackson vfl fixture: Sun 23 February Collingwood v Port Melbourne Olympic Park Oval 2: 00 PM Fri 7 March Collingwood v Richmond Victoria Park 4: 30 PM Sat 15 March Collingwood v Essendon Victoria Park 11: 00 AM Sat 22 vfl fixture 2014 pdf jackson vfl live everyweek tune in to channel 7 for the vfl match of the round. vfl. com. au. saturday, may 21 bye: casey scorpions further broadcast games tba during the season collingwood vs. williamstown 2016 peter jackson(hc) 5: 15pm round 9. 2016 peter jackson vfl fixture.

Downloadable fixtures CLICK HERE to see the 2018 Peter Jackson VFL fixture in PDF format. CLICK HERE to see the 2018 Swisse Wellness VFL Womens fixture in PDF format. vfl fixture 2014 pdf The Association increased from fourteen teams to sixteen teams in 2014, following the end of two VFLAFL affiliations: AFL club Richmond and VFL club Coburg ended their alignment, which had been in place since 2001. bye: frankston port melbourne vs. werribee (npo) 11: 40am peter jackson vfl live every week north ballarat vs. collingwood (eu) 1: 00pm tune in to channel 7 for the vfl match of the round round visit vfl. com. au7 frankston vs. essendon (fo) 2: 00pm saturday, may 21 bye: casey scorpions collingwood vs.

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