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This is the classic game Chinese Checkers adapted for play on a square board. Four Player Game Setup Give each player the six coins of the same color. Use 16 tiles gridside up to The rules for two players are the same as for four players except use the 10 tile board and coin setup as shown in the following figure. . Figure 2.The Rules of Chinese Checkers. Equipment. The Chinese Checkers or Chinese Chequers board is in the shape of a six pointed star. Each point of the star is a triangle consisting of ten holes (four holes to each side). The interior of the board is a hexagon with each side five holes long. rules of chinese checkers pdf

The chinese checkers board is shaped like a star with 6 points. Each player starts the game with 10 marbles filling all 10 spaces in their point of the star. This is their home point.

Chinese Checkers can be played by two, three, four or six players. Obviously, for the six player game, all marbles and triangles are used. If there are four players, play starts in two pairs of opposing triangles and a two player game should also be played from opposing triangles. Chinese Checkers is a strategy board game. Despite the name, the game actually originated in Germany, where it was called Sternhalma. Despite the name, the game actually originated in Germany, where it was called Sternhalma. rules of chinese checkers pdf Sep 12, 2018 How to Play Chinese Checkers. In this Article: Article Summary Setting Up the Game Playing the Game and Moving Pegs Establishing Rules Community Q& A. Chinese Checkers is a game in which players race each other to see who can fill their destination triangle with colored pegs first.

How can the answer be improved? rules of chinese checkers pdf Choose a player to go first. On your turn, move any one of your checkers by the movement rules described below. After you move one checker, your turn is over. The game continues with players alternating turns. Movement Rules Always move your checker diagonally forward, toward your opponent's side of the gameboard). rules of checkers flying king The game continues. The complete rules for the standard U. S. version of Checkers. ABOUT THE GAME. rules of checkers KING ME is the checkers game youve been waiting for. rules of chinese checkers pdf Not only does it include 24 cool selfcrowning pieces a wonderful innovation in. Checkers rules. rules of checkers stalemate The board and the beginning.

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