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Faecal samples from mostly adult llamas (n 626), vicuas (n 161) and guanacos (n 4) were obtained between December 2004 and July 2008 in three Provinces of Northwest Argentina in order to study the prevalence of Eimeria macusaniensis and Eimeria ivitaensis. Faeces were examined by a flotation technique using a Cl 2 Zn ClNa solution (specific gravity 1. 59).Case Description15 llamas and 34 alpacas between 3 weeks and 18 years old with fecal oocysts or intestinal coccidial stages morphologically consistent with Eimeria macusaniensis were examined. Nineteen of the camelids were admitted dead, and 30 were admitted alive. Camelids admitted alive accounted for 5. 5 of all camelid admissions during this period. coccidiosis en alpacas pdf

Eimeria is a genus of apicomplexan parasites that includes various species capable of causing the disease coccidiosis in animals such as cattle, poultry,

Fecal samples were collected from 144 llamas, Lama glama, on four premises in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Feces were examined for the presence of coccidial oocysts; Eimeria alpacae was found in 55. 6, Eimeria lamae in 67. 3 and Eimeria macusaniensis in 1. 4 of the samples. An adult female llama was found to be infected with Eimeria macusaniensis at necropsy. A young adult pregnant alpaca was presented with an acute episode of abdominal pain. Hematology revealed mild anemia, neutropenia with a degenerative left shift and moderate toxic changes in coccidiosis en alpacas pdf REDVET. Revista electrnica de Veterinaria. ISSN: 2009 Vol. 10, N 8 Causas de mortalidad de alpacas en tres principales centros de produccin ubicados en puna seca y

COCCIDIOSIS is one of the most frequently diagnosed diseases of British South American camelids, with affected animals usually showing clinical signs of weight loss and diarrhoea, based on data generated from samples submitted to the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) as coccidiosis en alpacas pdf Coccidiosis questions and answers about how this parasite affects alpacas. Keywords coccidiosis, coccidia, alpaca diseases, alpaca health, coccidiosis treatment 22. En humanos se sugiere no comer carne mal cocida. Evitar que los perros coman carne y vsceras crudas que contengan quistes. No tener ms de 2 perros por familia. cada 4 meses. Manual Sanidad de Alpacas Sntomas o signos: No presenta signos de enfermedad el animal. En alpacas no Abstract. Camelids (llamas, alpacas, vicuas, guanacos) are important for the economy of South America and Eimeria infections are important as cause of mortality in camelids. Of the five most prevalent species of Eimeria in South American camelids, Eimeria macusaniensis, Eimeria lamae, Eimeria alpacae, Eimeria punoensis, and Eimeria ivitaensis, E. macusaniensis is considered the Autor: Estd. MVZ. Darcy Calderon Antezana COCCIDIOSIS EN ALPACAS ETIOLOGIA La cocciodiosis es producida por portozoarios del genero

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